Wednesday, June 22

oh summer, it's nice to see you again

FINALLY, the weather in Logan has warmed up. I get awfully crabby in the Winter, especially when it lasts way longer then it should. But then again that is Utah, so unpredictable. I hope maybe someday that Jordan and I can move back East. I miss it terribly.

Speaking of Logan, Jordan, Kyra and I moved back to Logan almost two months ago. We are loving it! Although Logan is a good thirty minutes from the I-15, we at least have a Walmart in town (which Tremonton did not). I am closer to a few friends and Jordan is mintues from his job! Soon Jordan's brother and his family will be moving over too!

A few weeks ago, my Mom and sister Brooke flew into town. Another sister of mine, Hope graduated from Pleasant Grove High School! It was nice to spend time with them. Jordan was actually in Lake Powell with his Dad and brother, so it was a girlie week! All 5 of us girls packed into a car, trolling all over Utah! Kyra got to go swimming for the first time, at the pool in the hotel we were staying at, and she loved it! She also did fairly well in the car, which we were in for most of the week. I had to give her a few days not in the carseat for her to forget about the long hours she spent in it.

It was Jordan's 1st Father's Day this past Sunday. We didn't do anything too special. He actually had to work most of the day. Once he got home, Kyra and I gave him a couple of presents and then we had a BBQ with his Dad and brother (and his family!). It was a good day! Good weather, good food, and good company. Now we want to have a BBQ every night! : )

I hate to say it, when Kyra is only just about to turn one, that I am getting baby hungry again. (I'm sure Jordan would love to hear this! : ) not.) My brother and sister-in-law just added another baby to their family: Olive May born on May 21st! And my sister-in law and her husband had their 2nd boy: Brody Spencer on June 18th! Maybe just cuddling my new neice and nephew will buy Jordan a few more months before I bring up the "b" word! : )

I started a new endeavor and signed up to be a consultant to sell Scentsy. For those of you who don't know what Scentsy is, they are a wickless candle that you burn in a warmer. Most everywhere sells them now a days, but Scentsy is the brand that started them. Check out my website if you are interested in what we do!

Bring on the summer! Fairs and fireworks, pies and hamburgers! 
And sun, oh yes, the sun!

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